Recas Mobile App

Investigate sales opportunities with field access to the co-op information database on Android and Apple data-enabled smartphones. The Recas Mobile App makes the sales process more efficient by providing sales reps with co-op plan information on the spot, eliminating several rounds of follow-up. In the initial sales call, reps can focus on the exact brands that are eligible for co-op funds in the retailer's store.

  • search active plans by category
  • search for specific brands/product types
  • view manufacturer plan details with earning levels and reimbursement rates
  • access contact information immediately to obtain further details
  • view all media available to the advertiser
  • basic accrual research functionality

We also offer:

  • multiple license (user) package pricing
  • free license(s) with your subscription (restrictions apply)

Co-op Outsourcing Overview

We know not everyone has the resources necessary to implement and execute co-op into their business processes. Whether you're a media company, retailer or distributor, we can help streamline your co-op operations into opportunities and measurable results. Every situation is different, so let's talk about how you currently go to market and how we might be able to help maximize your opportunities through Recas outsourcing services.

Let Recas become your expert. At the end of the day, Recas will make your clients happier and, more importantly, prove its worth by measurably increasing your own ROI.

Recas API

Using the RecasAPI solution can help you streamline your co-op advertising workflow across the board. Benefits of connecting your front end system or CRM tool (i.e, Salesforce) with Recas include:

Accounting & finance department benefits:

  • avoiding redundancy of using two differents systems for dealer co-op claiming
  • providing co-op plan level searching capability inside the order entry
  • producing professional co-op claim invoices that expedites advertisers' remibursements

Sales department benefits:

  • offering better management and tracking of co-op dollars by advertiser, manufacturer brand, sales rep, ad category and media product
  • improving sales accountability for brand co-op lead management
  • improving sales reporting on brand/category co-op revenue