What is Recas?

Recas was originally developed as a database subscription available only to media companies, as a way to help them locate manufacturer co-op dollars and sell more advertising to their retailers.

By providing those media outlets with access to detailed manufacturer co-op plan information, sales reps or co-op coordinators could pinpoint the best sales opportunities for their markets. Information such as accrual rates, reimbursement percentages, co-op contacts, media type descriptions, promotions and ad materials make for strategic information that sales reps could turn in to advertising dollars.

While the core components of what Recas offers hasn't changed much, the users of our system have. We're still strongly tied to the media industry, but we can also work with retailers and distributors to help them make the most of their existing manufacturer co-op arrangements. We have also worked with manufacturers in specifically targeted markets to promote their products via a local market media mix. Agencies may also subscribe to our service as a way to help maximize their clients' advertising dollars. And finally, media industry trade associations have worked with Recas to provide access to their members, often at a discounted rate.

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Training & Support

Your success is our success. Whether it’s media, agencies, retailers, distributors, manufacturers or trade associations, we provide the service and training needed to ensure everyone gets the most out of Recas.

Depending on your needs, we maximize your Recas experience with new customer training, advanced customer training, on-site advertiser development or customized workshops, conducted over the phone, via email, webinars, live online chat or in person.

If you're a subscriber looking for the current monthly training registration page, you should first login to the site, then click on the "Co-op Training & Research Forms" tile, and then "Co-op Training" to see all the latest free training sessions available to you.

Product Stats

  • Over 8,000 manufacturer/brand co-op listings in our database.
  • Over 1,500 media subscribers
  • Over the last three years Recas has helped media companies place over $90 million in co-op advertising dollars


I can’t say enough good things about Recas! It is crucial to my day to day success as a cooperative advertising account executive. I use Recas every single day to develop print, online and TV campaigns. Additionally, the support of the team behind the database is invaluable to me, as they have many years in the co-op business and go over and beyond to assist in any way.

Jasiel Millette, Former Cooperative Advertising and Marketing Specialist

Hartford Courant Media Group and FOXCT Media Group

Recas has allowed me to spend more time with our sales staff and less time with “back-end stuff”. Having that one on one time with my sales reps is a critical part of our success in the market. You can talk about co-op successes, show co-op examples and brainstorm co-op opportunities but nothing is more valuable than that one on one face-time and joint sales calls with your sales team.

Jason Johnston, Former Co-op & Special Sections Manager

Orlando Sentinel

We have been using the Recas services for several years at hibu and without this wealth of information, we would not have been able to grow our co-op department at the rate we have. We use the database to reference co-op programs and to send dealer leads to our reps. We also utilize the billing side to generate professional memo bills to send to our customers. Life without Recas would definitely be much more challenging!

Gayla Kirmer, Former Assistant Manager Co-op Services


Recas helped a client of ours uncover over $1,300 in accrued co-op dollars for an account at one of our newspaper sites who claimed that they were not aware of how much money they might have from various manufacturers. It was the first real experience a relatively new rep had with co-op and it showed the power of simply starting the conversation with a client. Subsequently, Recas to help us with the research, results, and presentation of information back to the client. Furthermore, it open up the door for us to establish a relationship with the manufacturer rep for future business. A win-win for all!

David Sigler, Co-op Coordinator/Marketing Specialist

Local Media Group

I could not do my job efficiently or successfully without Recas and their staff!!! I have used other co-op services but Recas is by far the best! The program is very user-friendly, it is simple to use and information is right at your finger tips.

Ellen Snyder, Co-op coordinator

Dispatch Printing Company

I have worked with Recas and I happily endorse and refer them as a vendor whenever I can. We have used the co-op training webinar classes frequently to educate our sales organization and give a fresh delivery on what is one of the core elements of print and digital media advertising.

Suzanne Bailey, Sales Manager - Co-op & Vendor Support Advertising

Los Angeles Times Media Group

Recas brings it down to LOCAL!

Ben Kenfield, Digital Advertising Manager

Roseburg News-Review

In just a few months, we have been able to locate nearly $4,000 in co-op money for 5 of our current advertisers, and the daily e-leads have opened many doors for us to see potential advertisers.

Craig Grove, Advertising rep

Kenosha News

I rely on Recas every single day as my go-to source for all of my co-op research. I'm a one-woman show for our co-op department at our publication, and Recas is my "team". Without it, I'd be lost. Thank you for everything you provide!

Yael Fishman, Co-op Advertising Coordinator

Sun Sentinel

Thanks to Recas, I am able to send sales leads to all of our reps throughout Michigan on a daily basis. I am able to track the results through the claiming system. The crew at Recas does all the research and puts together the manufacturer promotions sheets, so all I have to do is click and send. They make me look like the hero.

Beth Mills, Co-op Specialist

Morning Star Publishing Company

My clients that use Recas are educated and have a leg up over their competitors that don't have a comprehensive co-op resource. The plan information is complete and accurate. It empowers them to actively prospect clients already armed with the knowledge that they likely have funding available to offset the cost of advertising with them. Once the deal has been struck, Recas is also invaluable as you generally have pre-approved advertising content that is compliant for reimbursement. Great job Recas ...

Tim Marceau, Owner

Coooperative [media] Solutions

The co-op service give us the information we need to get contract signed. Thanks Recas!

Mike Parsons, Art Director

Fairway Outdoor

Recas Hall of Fame Members

Our Recas Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding achievement in the world of co-op advertising. Each person listed here has greatly increased co-op awareness in their local market, thus significantly increasing co-op sales and providing new incremental revenue streams at their media.

Beth Mills

Keri Alexander

Cathy Mills

Doris Diaz

Debbie Larson

Tim Marceau

Janice DeSimone

Janie Pace

Joann Leger

John Thomas

Linda Holway

Michele Guilford

Steven Brown

Suzanne Bailey

Vicky Fiandt

Jim Nylander

Barb Flicker

Jen Duchman

Julie Lavoie

Mary Swaringen

Nancy Chodak

Nancy Papen

Robin Johnson